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Our salon provide all hand massage using 100% natural aromatic oil which includes Okinawa natural grown herb based essential oil.

High quality 100% natural oil

We use 100% high quality natural oil which are included Okinawa native grown “Geto” (galingale), ” Shiikwaasaa” (Citrus depressa) essences, originally blended by our experienced technicians.
Natural oil for treatment will be selected depends on your health condition, body area, and/or the purpose of your visit such as stress relief, relaxation, anti-aging, or facial massage.



American Village

American Village is loved by the locals and tourists. Come by to relax after shopping and eating.

Located next to hot spring facility, Chura-yu. By taking the treatment after taking the bath, you can expect better effects from the hot spring and the treatment.


Late at night? Don’t worry!

For those who had a long day at work or just came back from touring around, the last treatment ends at 9:00pm. Refresh your tired body for a energizing tomorrow!

The last check-in is 8:30 PM and treatment starts 9 PM